Cooking with Stella

Canadian Press

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★★★ Film food hasn't looked this tantalizing since 1996's Big Night.
★★★★ A light, clever and very enjoyable comedy.
★★★ A solid crowd pleaser about the collision of cultures… it's a tasty meal.
The film is beautifully shot by the reliable Giles Nuttgens (Water) … smart, subtle.
A dash of reality, a sprinkle of humour are the key ingredients for this recipe and this dish definitely delivers!

International Press

Dolops of Chemistry between Biswas and Mckellar is what make the film come together…Don't be surprised if you are left wanting a second helping from Mehta's artistic kitchen.
What emerges on screen is a convincing composite portrait of a city which encompasses everything.
Biswas gives a spontaneous and natural performance.
… explores the complex interface between urban Indian Household…