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London Asian Film Festival
Mara Pictures premiered the film in the United Kingdom on March 19th, 2011 at the London Asian Film Festival. The film will be releasing in UK cinemas on April 15th 2011. For more details please visit
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Now in Theatres

Cooking With Stella is now in theatres across Canada. New screenings are consistently starting up, so please visit your local theatre to confirm showtimes.

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Film Foodie explores the film and food biz for the upcoming release of Cooking With Stella. Accompany Lyndsey as she delves more in-depth on this venture.

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Over the weekend, I had the pleasure if meeting music producer, Vikas Kohli. Vikas is very versatile in the types of music he produces. His portfolio reads as if you were listening to satellite radio on random, jumping from Soul, Punk, Pop, Metal to County … all over the place, really. Aside from producing bands, Vikas... Read More

Royal Mark

Jack of many trades, Mark Pesci briefly talks about his role at the one and only Royal Cinema. Aside from working at the Royal Cinema and promoting screenings like The Room, Mark is a show promoter organizing some of the most talked about shows in the city.  His shows range from anywhere such as the 80′s hardcore band,... Read More

Rock Rhombus

This week I talked to Priya, who sings for the Toronto based hard rock band Diemonds, we met up at Dark Horse Coffee. In December, Diemonds went to India and played the rock capital of India, Shiloong, making them only the 4th band that has ever played there. They share this elite honour with such bands... Read More

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Last time, Sam from Sam James Coffee Bar explained the differences between a latte and a cappuccino.  This time, he demonstrates what goes into preparing an espresso shot.  Since then, Sam James Coffee Bar has been receiving a lot of press. Check out the BlogTo and write-ups. Also, don’t forget you can follow Sam (and us)... Read More

Mark Rendall: Child Star

A little while ago I had the chance to interview Mark Rendall who stars in Sook-Yin Lee’s lastest film Year of the Carnivore.  Mark was nice enough to offer cooking his favourite dish, stir fry with ponzu sauce. In the past, Mark has worked with Don McKellar, watch the video to find out more and... Read More

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